Pinellas County, FL


Question: Do you deliver scooters anywhere?
Answer: Yes, for reservations totaling $250 or more, Beach to Bay Scooters delivers scooters and bicycles to any address south of Hwy 60, Gulf to Bay Blvd, in Pinellas County. We will deliver outside of this area for a fee. Please call 727-242-0220 regarding prices for deliveries outside of this area.

Question: Can I get the scooters or bicycles with cash?
Answer: Yes, but you must also have a fully refundable $200 deposit for each reserved scooter, which is returned upon the return of the scooter.

Question: Do I have to pay for parking if I am riding scooter or can I park on the sidewalks?
Answer: In St Petersburg downtown, allows four scooters per metered spot, so long as you are paying for the spot with coins. If you use your smart phone/credit card, you will each need to pay. For the motorcycle/scooter meter spots, it is .25 per hour, rather than $1 per hour for cars. For parking lots where you pay all day, such as along the pier, it is $3 per day, one scooter per spot.

Question: Do you need a driver’s license to operate a scooter.
Answer: Yes, Florida Law requires scooter riders to have valid driver’s license, but insurance is not required. Beach to Bay Scooters requires riders to be 18 years or older.

Question: Do you have to wear a helmet?
Answer: Yes, if you are younger than 21. Florida Law requires riders under the age of 21 to wear a helmet when on a scooter as a rider or a passenger. Beach to Bay Scooters provides all riders and passengers’ helmets for free.

Question: Can I ride on the shoulder of the road in the marked bicycle lanes.
Answer: No, Florida Law does not allow scooters to operate on bicycles paths or park in bicycle racks. Riders should only drive on roads and park in parking spots as you would any motorize vehicle, or park in motorcycle parking spots. You can be ticketed for riding in the bike lanes.