Downtown St Petesburg, 33701


Question: Do you deliver scooters anywhere?
Answer: Sorry but no.  We tried to do this, but folks would change their minds after delivery and not want to pay.  Sometimes spouse or friends did not know or agree to the plan.  We now meet people in a public parking lot down at the bay, 1200 Northshore Drive, St Petersburg FL 33701

Question: Are taxes included in the price?
Answer: Yes, you do not have to pay taxes.

Question: Is gas included?
Answer: Somewhat, we do our best to provide scooters with a full tank of gas when we meet them.  This should last for more than 5 hours of constant riding.  After that, we expect you to pay for your own gas for the rest of your ride and to make it back to the meeting place.  You are NOT required to bring the tank back full.  Most bring it back close to empty.

Question: Can I get the scooters or bicycles with cash?
Answer: Yes, but you must also have a fully refundable $50 deposit for each reserved scooter, which is returned upon the return of the scooter.

Question: Do I have to pay for parking if I am riding scooter or can I park on the sidewalks?
Answer: In St Petersburg downtown, allows four scooters per metered spot, so long as you are paying for the spot with coins. If you use your smart phone/credit card, you will each need to pay. For the motorcycle/scooter metered spots, it is .25 per hour, rather than $1 per hour for cars. For parking lots where you pay all day and put a receipt on the dashboard (you will have to wedge this on the scooter somewhere), such as along the pier and at the beaches, it is $3 per day for each scooter.  You can still park four scooters to a parking spot, but each scooter must have a receipt.

Question: Do you need a driver’s license to operate a scooter.
Answer: Yes, Florida Law requires scooter riders to have valid driver’s license, but insurance is not required. Beach to Bay Scooters requires riders to be 18 years or older.

Question: How old do I have to be to operate a scooter.
Answer: 18 years old.  We can make an exception if the parents are also renting scooters and their children have experience riding scooters.  This rarely happens.

Question: Do you have to wear a helmet?
Answer: Yes, if you are younger than 21. Florida Law requires riders under the age of 21 to wear a helmet when on a scooter as a rider or a passenger. Beach to Bay Scooters provides all riders and passengers’ helmets for free.

Question: Can I ride on the shoulder of the road in the marked bicycle lanes.
Answer: No, Florida Law does not allow scooters to operate on bicycles paths or park in bicycle racks. Riders should only drive on roads and park in parking spots as you would any motorize vehicle, or park in motorcycle parking spots. You can be ticketed for riding in the bike lanes.  My riders have been stopped by the police and educated not to do this.