Downtown St Petesburg, 33701

The best location for us is to meet folks down at the tennis court parking lot, at North Shore Park in  Old Northeast along St Petersburg Bay.  The address is 1200 North Shore Drive NE, St Petersburg  Fl, 33701.

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Location - 1200 North Shore Drive
The location is really just a parking lot to meetup. No matter where you go when you leave it is safe with light and slow traffic. No one is in a hurry.

I like to meet at this location because it is a large parking lot with typically few cars that mostly park close the 7 mile path along the Bay that winds around the Vinoy and into Downtown St Petersburg leaving the rest of the parking lot a good place to get comfortable on the scooters before taking full responsibility for them.

This location also provides clean bathrooms with a refrigerated water fountain adjacent to the parking lot.

This location is a great starting point to investigate Snell Isle, Old Northeast, the seven mile long network parks along Tampa Bay.  Soon you will be able to see the new Pier slated to be built by 2017.  Also, you are 12 blocks away from downtown St Petersburg, which offers dining with views long the bay on Beach Drive.

Plan on spending at least an hour visiting Snell Isle if you have new riders.  Remember, they will not want to go much faster than 20-25 mph for a while because this is how fast they went on bicycles.

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To get to the Beach from here there are several ways, but the simplest is to go up 1st Ave North (this location is 12th Ave, so 11 blocks away.  This is a one way road with 35 to 40 mile per hour speed limits.  A more scenic route is one block further to Central Ave, which is slow and two ways.  In the end you will have to be on Central to get the the beach, which is a 30 mile stretch of road called Gulf Blvd.  It goes from South Pasadena Beach to Clearwater Beach.  You will be on Treasure Island we you leave St Petersburg and cross the bridges to the beach (Gulf Blvd).

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